Hydrocyclone for Sand

Product Code In-Out Flow Rate
  Inch (m³/h) min-max
DF-HYC 20 2" Manshon 20-22
DF-HYC 25 2 1/2" Manshon 27-35
DF-HYC 30 3" Manshon 43-57
DF-HYC 40 4" Manshon 55-70


"Driptime Hydrocyclones: Efficient Sand Filtration for Optimal Water Quality

Enhance your water filtration systems with the simplicity and effectiveness of Driptime Hydrocyclones. Designed with a straightforward structure, these hydrocyclones are engineered to filter well water or other water sources containing sand, gravel, or particles heavier than the water itself. Explore the features that make Driptime Hydrocyclones the preferred choice for those seeking economic, user-friendly, and highly efficient sand separators.

Simple Structure for Efficient Filtration: Driptime Hydrocyclones are crafted with a simple yet robust structure, specifically tailored for the filtration of water sources laden with sand, gravel, or heavier particles. This design ensures effective filtration, delivering water of superior quality by removing impurities.

Economic and User-Friendly: The simplicity of the Driptime Hydrocyclones' structure translates into economic advantages and ease of use when compared to other sand separators. This user-friendly approach not only simplifies the filtration process but also contributes to cost-effectiveness in maintaining water quality.

Minimal Pressure Loss, Maximum Efficiency:  Driptime Hydrocyclones, forming the core of Driptime's filtration systems, induce minimal pressure loss. This key feature allows these hydrocyclones to operate at peak efficiency, ensuring a continuous and optimal filtration process. The result is a filtration system that maximizes water quality without compromising on performance.

Single or Modular Forms for Flexibility: Driptime Hydrocyclones are available in both single and modular forms, providing flexibility in system design. This adaptability ensures that these hydrocyclones can be seamlessly integrated into various filtration setups, accommodating diverse needs and preferences.

Manual or Fully Automatic Cleaning: As the primary filtering element in filtration systems, Driptime Hydrocyclones offer the convenience of manual or fully automatic cleaning processes. This feature allows users to choose the cleaning method that best suits their operational requirements, enhancing overall system flexibility.

In conclusion, Driptime Hydrocyclones stand out as an optimal choice for those seeking reliable, economic, and efficient sand filtration in their water systems. With a commitment to simplicity, effectiveness, and adaptability, these hydrocyclones ensure the delivery of high-quality water for a variety of applications. Upgrade your filtration systems with Driptime Hydrocyclones and experience the transformative impact on water quality and system performance."