Double Plastic Filters For Irrigation

Product Code In-Out Filteration Area   Flow Rate
  Inch cm² (m³/h) max
DF-PXD-30 3" Disc-2400 50
DF-PXDS-30 3" Disc-3400 60
DF-PXD-40 4" Disc-2400 70
DF-PXDS-40 4" Disc-3400 80
DF-PXD-30 3" Disc-1500 50
DF-PXDS-30 3" Disc-2000 60
DF-PXD-40 4" Disc-1500 70
DF-PXDS-40 4" Disc-2000 80



"Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters: Superior Filtration Solutions for Field Irrigation Systems

Optimize your field irrigation systems with the advanced features of Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters. Designed to meet the diverse needs of agricultural settings, these filters can be used individually or seamlessly integrated into a comprehensive system. Elevate your filtration efficiency with the following key features:

  1. Higher Filtration Capacity: Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters outshine other plastic filters with their superior filtration capacity and larger filtration surface. Experience enhanced performance and reliability in removing impurities from your irrigation water.

  2. Versatile Disc and Screen Cartridge Options: Tailor your filtration system to your specific requirements with the availability of disc and screen cartridge options. This flexibility ensures a customizable solution that suits the unique demands of your field irrigation.

  3. Low Pressure Loss Filtration: Enjoy efficient filtering with minimal pressure loss. Driptime filters are engineered to provide effective filtration without compromising the pressure, ensuring a seamless flow of water through your irrigation system.

  4. Stainless Steel and Engineering Plastic Clamp Options: Choose from stainless steel or engineering plastic clamp options, offering durability and adaptability to different operational conditions. This versatility ensures that Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters can meet the challenges of various environments.

  5. Compatibility with Manometer: Ensure precise monitoring of your filtration process by integrating Driptime filters with a manometer. This feature enhances control and allows for real-time adjustments to optimize your irrigation system's performance.

  6. Patented Design for Easy Cleaning: Experience hassle-free maintenance with Driptime's patented design, allowing for easy cleaning of the cartridge. This ensures longevity and sustained filtration efficiency, reducing downtime and enhancing overall system reliability.

  7. Fixed Cyclone Circle for Increased Filtration Performance: Benefit from enhanced filtration performance with Driptime's fixed cyclone circle. This innovative design maximizes the filtration surface, ensuring thorough removal of particles from your irrigation water.

  8. Extra Sealing Elements: Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters come equipped with extra sealing elements, guaranteeing a tight and secure fit. Minimize the risk of leaks and enhance the overall integrity of your irrigation system.

  9. Minimum Head Loss: Experience minimal head loss with Driptime filters. This ensures efficient water flow and preserves the energy efficiency of your field irrigation system.

Invest in Driptime Double Plastic Disc Filters for unparalleled filtration efficiency, adaptability, and durability. Upgrade your field irrigation system today for optimal performance and long-term reliability."