Fertilizer Tank For Irrigation

Product Code Tank  Capasity 
  Type Lt
DF-GV 50 Vertical 50
DF-GV 100 Vertical 100
DF-GH 100 Horizontal 100
DF-GH 200 Horizontal 200
DF-GH 350 Horizontal 350


"Driptime Fertilizer Tank: Precision in Agricultural Fertilization

In the realm of agricultural fertilization, Driptime Fertilizer Tank emerges as a technological marvel, strategically designed for integration into pressure-driven agricultural irrigation systems. Let's delve into the technical specifications and agricultural applications that make this tank an indispensable asset for modern farming.


Chemical Fertilization Precision: Tailored for chemical fertilization, the Driptime Fertilizer Tank seamlessly integrates with pressure-driven agricultural irrigation systems. This enables the precise delivery of essential nutrients directly to the plant's root zone, optimizing nutrient uptake and enhancing crop productivity.

Efficient Pesticide Administration: The tank's design extends its utility to the administration of pesticides, ensuring a targeted and efficient distribution mechanism through pressure-driven agricultural irrigation systems.

Technical Features:

Streamlined Structure for Ease of Operation and Maintenance: Driptime Fertilizer Tank features a streamlined and technologically advanced structure, emphasizing both ease of operation and simplified maintenance. This design ensures practicality and convenience in the deployment of fertilization strategies, enhancing the overall efficiency of agricultural practices.

Corrosion Resistance through Pre-Painting Phosphorization: The tank undergoes a pre-painting phosphorization process, imparting robust corrosion resistance against chemical solutions. This protective layer ensures the tank's longevity, safeguarding it against the corrosive nature of fertilizers and pesticides.

Extended Economic Life through Coating: The durability of the Driptime Fertilizer Tank is further accentuated by a specialized coating, contributing to an extended economic life. This feature is paramount in sustaining the tank's structural integrity under the demanding conditions of agricultural applications.

Operation Based on Line Pressure: Functioning seamlessly with the line pressure of the irrigation system, the Driptime Fertilizer Tank eliminates the need for additional components. This not only simplifies the operational process but also enhances overall efficiency in the precise delivery of fertilizers and pesticides.

Versatile Models for Diverse Agricultural Needs:
Driptime recognizes the diversity in agricultural landscapes, offering a spectrum of tank models with varying capacities, including horizontal and vertical types. This versatility ensures that farmers can select the most fitting tank configuration based on the unique requirements of their specific irrigation systems.

Pressure Difference Principle for Robust Operation:
Employing the pressure difference principle within irrigation systems, Driptime's horizontal fertilizer tanks stand resilient, delivering consistent performance over extended periods. This reliability minimizes maintenance demands, providing farmers with a dependable tool for their agricultural fertilization endeavors.

Elevate your agricultural practices with the precision and efficiency of Driptime Fertilizer Tank. Explore our range of technologically advanced models, designed to meet the nuanced needs of contemporary farming, and experience a transformative impact on your crop yields and overall farm productivity."